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BOINE, Mari: Eallin

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Concert album from 1996.

1. Mielahisvuohta (State of Mind Where Your Intellect Is Disconnected)
2. Dás Áiggun Čuožžut (Within Myself)
3. Orbina (The Orphan)
4. Gula Gula (Hear The Voices of the Foremothers)
5. Modjás Katrin (Katrin Who Smiles)
6. Eco (Echo)
7. Skádja (Reverberation)
8. Vuolgge Mu Mielde Bassivárrái (Come with Me to the Sacred Mountain)
9. It Šat Duolmma Mu (Free)
10. Dutjne (To You)

Antilles 1996

Product category: Sámi - CD