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BOINE, Mari Band: Bálvvoslatjna - Room Of Worship

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1. Eallin (Life)
2. Beaivvi Nieida (Daughter Of Sun)
3. Risten
4. Eagle Man / Changing Woman (Girdi Olmmái / Geaidi Nissun)
5. Álddagasat Ipmilat (Gods Of Nature)
6. Oarjjabeal Beaivvi Ja Mánu (West Of Moon And Sun)
7. Mu Váhkar Lásse (My Youngest)
8. Alit Go Buot Várit (Higher Than All Mountains)
9. Don It Galgan (Thou Shalt Not)
10. Etno Jenny (Ethno Jenny)

Antilles 1998

Product category: Sámi - CD