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JUSSI REIJONEN: Three Seconds / Kolme Toista (CD)

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Jussi Reijonen

. Three Seconds / Kolme Toista ()

Kyle Miles, Acoustic Bass, Fretless Bass
Layth Sidiq, Arranged By [Additional Intonation Arranging]
Nassem Alatrash, Cello
Vancil Cooper, Drums
Jussi Reijonen, Electric Guitar [Fretless + Fretted], Classical Guitar, Oud, Composed By [Compositions], Arranged By [Arrangements], Producer [Produced By], Liner Notes
Keita Ogawa, Percussion
Utar Artun, Piano
Bulut Gülen, Trombone
Jason Palmer, Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Layth Sidiq, Violin


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Product category: Finnish Jazz - CD