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LIEBMAN, Dave – Steve Dalachinsky: The Fallout Of Dreams

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Dave Liebman, saxophones, piano, flute
Steve Dalachinsky, spoken word
Richie Beirach, piano

1. The Fallout Of Dreams
2. Carry On Clarion
3. For All Player (For Steve Lacy) / The Seasons (For Jasper Johns) Medley
4. Cosmic (For Jim Brodey)
5. Gustave Moreau / Strangers On A Train
6. Jackson Pollock’s Early Notebooks
7. The Breath (For Evan Parker)
8. The Leaves Are Changing (For Jack Kerouac)
9. Magical Realism / La Fenice Medley
10. Billie Holiday / Elian–Oleo Medley
11. The Lynching
12. Breakfast / Back 1–4 Matisse / For Jackson Mac Low
13. Possessed
14. The Origin Of A Species

RogueArt 2014

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