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HÖYRY-KONE: Hyönteisiä voi rakastaa

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The debut album from the Finnish progressive legend Höyry-kone. Originally released in 1995, this album surprised progrock audiences with inventive compositions, energetic arrangements, unconventional lineup, excellent musicianship and fresh attitude only Finns are capable of! Perfect example of Nordic progressive rock.

1. Örn
2. Raskaana
3. Hämärän joutomaa
4. Pannuhuoneesta
5. Luottamus
6. Kaivoonkatsoja
7. Kosto
8. Hätä
9. Myrskynmusiikkia
10. Hyönteiset

Originally released in 1995 by APM

Re-release 2014 by Laskeuma Records

Product category: Finnish Pop & Rock - CD