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SCHWINDT, Christian Quintet: For Friends And Relatives

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Otto Donner, trumpet
Erik Dannholm, saxophones
Heikki Sarmanto, piano
Tapani Tamminen, bass
Christian Schwindt, drums

1. Helsinki At Noon (Heikki Sarmanto)
2. Miniature (Pentti Hietanen)
3. My Next And Only Love (Otto Donner)
4. D-day (Otto Donner)
5. Theme For Christer (Heikki Sarmanto)
6. Claudine (Heikki Sarmanto)
7. Släkt och vänner = Friends And Relatives (Otto Donner)
8. Nepa (Pentti Hietanen)
9. Karibaldi (Otto Donner)
10. Sexus (Pentti Hietanen)

RCA Victor 1966 / Rocket Records 2011

Product category: Finnish Jazz - CD

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